Alvarez 1

Gerardo Albarrán as Alvarez

Alvarez was a Latin American man residing in the Bahamas. He made the mistake of shagging Lupe Lamora, the girlfriend of drugs baron Franz Sanchez. Sanchez and his crew invaded Alvarez's house, where he was lying in bed with Lupe. Sanchez asked Lupe "What did he promise you, his heart?" He then turned to Dario and said "Give her his heart." Braun then dragged Alvarez outside where Dario cut out his heart while Sanchez whipped Lupe with a stingray tail.

In the 1989 film Licence to Kill, Alvarez was portrayed by Gerardo Albarrán.


  • It is possible that Alvarez was some sort of crime figure because he had an armed guard positioned outside his house, and a gun on his bedside locker.

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