Willoughby Gray as Dr. Mortner

Carl Mortner, real name Hans Glaub, was a former Nazi scientist who escaped justice after World War Two and became Max Zorin's physician. He was something of a father figure to Zorin, as it was the drug tests Mortner carried out on Zorin's mother that led to Zorin becoming a psychopath.

In the 1985 film A View to a Kill, Mortner was portrayed by English actor Willoughby Gray.


Hans Glaub was a scientist working for the Nazis before and during the Second World War. He attempted to use steroids to create a perfect race, and tested the steroids on pregnant women. Very few of the children survived; those that did were extremely intelligent and highly psychopathic. Amongst these surviving children was Max Zorin. When the Third Reich collapsed at the end of the war, Glaub escaped justice and changed his name to Carl Mortner. Mortner was then hired as a physician by Zorin, who saw Mortner as a father figure.

In 1985, Zorin came onto the radar of MI6 and James Bond was sent to investigate him. At a reception at Zorin's estate in Chantilly, Mortner met Bond while he was posing as James St. John Smythe. Bond and Sir Godfrey Tibbett later broke into Zorin's stables and discovered that Mortner had been planting microchips in the horses which secretly released adrenaline during races, allowing them to easily win.

Mortner later accompanied Zorin to San Francisco to help him oversee Project Main Strike. After Zorin and Scarpine flooded the mine and killed the workers, they met up with Mortner and escaped in Zorin's blimp. As they took off, they witnessed May Day detonating Zorin's second bomb, foiling the plot. In revenge, Zorin kidnapped Stacey Sutton by pulling her into the airship. Bond held onto the mooring ropes and managed to moor the blimp to the framework of the Golden Gate Bridge. Stacey knocked Mortner out and escaped; in the subsequent confrontation, Zorin fell to his death in front of Mortner's eyes. Enraged, Mortner lit a stick of dynamite with which to kill Bond. However, Bond cut the rope, causing Mortner to drop the dynamite, which subsequently blew up the blimp and killed both Scarpine and Mortner.

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