Casino Royale is the twenty-first official James Bond film, released in 2006. The theme song, You Know My Name, was performed by Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell in one of the few songs not to reference the title of the film in the lyrics, similar to We Have All the Time in the World from On Her Majesty's Secret Service and All Time High from Octopussy.

The score for the film was provided by series veteran David Arnold, who had scored the previous three Pierce Brosnan films, in his to-date penultimate contribution to the Bond series. The score is notable for it's use of the iconic James Bond Theme, which does not appear until the very end of the film.

Track ListingsEdit

  1. "African Rundown"
  2. "Nothing Sinister"
  3. "Unauthorised Access"
  4. "Blunt Instrument"
  5. "CCTV"
  6. "Solange"
  7. "Trip Aces"
  8. "Miami International"
  9. "I'm the Money"
  10. "Aston Montenegro"
  11. "Dinner Jackets"
  12. "The Tell"
  13. "Stairwell Fight"
  14. "Vesper"
  15. "Bond Loses It All"
  16. "Dirty Martini"
  17. "Bond Wins It All"
  18. "The End of an Aston Martin"
  19. "The Bad Die Young"
  20. "City of Lovers"
  21. "The Switch"
  22. "Fall of a House in Venice"
  23. "Death of Vesper"
  24. "The Bitch Is Dead"
  25. "The Name's Bond... James Bond"

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