Neil Jackson as Edmund Slate

Edmund Slate was a geologist and hitman affiliated with Quantum. In 2006 Dominic Greene hired Slate to eliminate his girlfriend Camille Montes but he was intercepted by James Bond, who stabbed Slate in the neck during a struggle, killing him.

In the 2008 film Quantum of Solace, Slate was portrayed by English actor Neil Jackson.


After James Bond shoots and kills the traitorous MI6 agent Craig Mitchell, a search of Mitchell's wallet turns up marked bank notes linking Mitchell to a "Mr. Slate" who is staying at room 325 at the Hotel Dessalines in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Bond is sent to Haiti to intercept Slate, where he breaks into room 325. However, Slate is waiting for him and attacks him with a knife, resulting in a brutal fist-fight. In the end Bond manages to send Slate crashing through a glass door onto a balcony before stabbing him in the neck and letting him bleed out. Bond subsequently discovered that Slate had been paid off by enviromentalist Dominic Greene to kill his lover Camille Montes, who he feared would interfere in the activities of the Quantum organization.

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