Ernst Stavro Blofeld was the head of SPECTRE and the archnemesis of James Bond.

In Other MediaEdit


Anthony Dawson/Eric PohlmannEdit

Blofeld first appeared on screen in the 1963 EON-produced film From Russia With Love. He was portrayed physically by Anthony Dawson, who previously played R.J. Dent in Dr. No, although his face was not seen while playing Blofeld. His voice was provided by Eric Pohlmann. This film introduced Blofeld's trademark white cat, which never appeared in the novels. Dawson and Pohlmann returned for Thunderball, but people sometimes mistakenly think that Joseph Wiseman provided the voice in this film.

Donald PleasenceEdit

See also: Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Donald Pleasence)

As Blofeld was to be fully revealed in 1967's You Only Live Twice, a new actor had to be hired to play him. Jan Werich, a Czech actor, was chosen, but he was fired because of his poor English and the fact that he resembled Santa Claus.

Weirich was replaced by renowned English actor Donald Pleasence, who's performance defined the character's image and is the one most heavily associated with the character.

Telly SavalasEdit

See also: Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Telly Savalas)

When Blofeld's role in the 1969 film On Her Majesty's Secret Service turned out to be very physically demanding, it was decided that the older Pleasence would be unable to reprise the role, so Blofeld was recast with American actor Telly Savalas. Savalas' version of the character would later inspire the DC Animated Universe's take on iconic supervillain Lex Luthor.

Charles GrayEdit

See also: Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Charles Gray)

In the 1971 film Diamonds Are Forever, the part of Blofeld was recast yet again, this time with English actor Charles Gray, who had previously appeared in You Only Live Twice as Henderson.

John Hollis/Robert RiettyEdit

In the pre-titles sequence of 1981's For Your Eyes Only, a bald, wheelchair-bound man with a white cat is seen trying to kill James Bond. The character was physically portrayed by John Hollis and dubbed by Robert Rietty, best known for providing the voice of Emilio Largo in Thunderball. Although listed in the end credits as "Wheelchair Villain" the character has been widely accepted as being Blofeld, even confirmed by director John Glen.

Max von SydowEdit

See also: Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Never Say Never Again)

In the 1983 "unofficial" Bond film Never Say Never Again, respected Swedish actor Max von Sydow was selected to portray Blofeld.

Christoph WaltzEdit

See also: Franz Oberhauser

Austrian actor Christoph Waltz portrays a new version of Blofeld in the 2015 film Spectre. Initially known as Franz Oberhauser, Blofeld is a childhood figure of Bond's as his father Hans Oberhauser was the one who raised Bond following the death of his parents in a climbing accident.

Video GamesEdit

Gideon EmeryEdit

Glenn WrageEdit

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