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Hedison leiter 1

David Hedison as Felix Leiter

Felix Leiter was an American CIA agent and later DEA agent who was the best friend of James Bond and assisted him in investigating Mr. Big's drug business. Years later, following his transfer to the DEA, Leiter became engaged to be married to Della Churchill. However their marriage was cut tragically short when Della was raped and murdered by Dario on the orders of drug kingpin Franz Sanchez, who subsequently fed Felix to a shark, costing him his leg. Felix and Della were eventually avenged by Bond when he killed Dario and later Sanchez.

In the 1973 film Live and Let Die and the 1989 film Licence to Kill, Leiter was portrayed by American actor David Hedison. Hedison was the first actor to play the character in more than one Bond film, and the only actor to date to play opposite two different Bonds; Roger Moore in Live and Let Die and Timothy Dalton in Licence to Kill.

Felix Leiter
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Felix Leiter
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