Sir James Bond (KCMG) (RNVR) Commander in the Navy, was born in 1920 to Andrew Bond and Monquie Bond. Bond lived with his parents in France, Germany and Austria before they both died in a sking accident. By the time he was 10 he was nearly fluient in Spanish, French, German and Itlaian. After the death of his parents he moved to his aunt's and Uncle's Max and Chairmian Bond house and flat one in Mayfair in London the other in Henley on Themes. When born Bond's father enrolled him in the most famous public school in the world, Eton college. James was expelled from Eton in his second year, then moving to another public school, Fettes college in Edinburgh which his father went to. He got A's and A stars in his O levels and in his A levels got A's in History, PE, English and Modern Languages. After leaving Fettes in 1938, he attened St Peter's college Oxford, were he studied Modern languages getting a 1:1. He wanted to leave Oxford at the break of war but was ordered to finish.

After finishing his degree in 1941, aged 21 he signed up for the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve in World War II, as commander which he trained at Sandhurst. In the RNVR he travelled to Washington DC, Hong Kong and Jamerica. He joined the SOE (Special operations Executive) operations held in Europe, he also went to Yugoslavia, Demark and Greece. In 1946 after the end of the war, a new war was begining with the 2 power nation USSR and USA. Bond joined the SIS, this is were we see him leave in 1952 to become a 00 agent in the field.

In 1952 he went to the Casino Royale to meet Le Chiffe.