Bedi OP

Kabir Bedi as Gobinda

Gobinda was Kamal Khan's loyal henchman. He appeared in the 1983 film Octopussy, played by Indian actor Kabir Bedi.


Gobinda first appears alongside his employer Khan in India, where James Bond defeats Khan at a game of backgammon. He crushes the loaded dice into dust in his bare hands in front of Bond to demonstrate his strength. He subsequently chases Bond and his contact Vijay through the streets of New Delhi, but they ultimately evade him.

Eventually, when Khan and General Orlov's plot is foiled by Bond and Octopussy leads an attack on the Monsoon Palace, Gobinda flees with Khan and a captive Octopussy on a small plane. However, Bond leaps onto the wing of the plane and sabotages the engine. Khan orders Gobinda to go out and kill Bond; Gobinda incredulously asks "Out there?", the only time he questions his boss's demands. Nonetheless, he follows through and climbs out onto the wing of the plane, where he briefly struggles with Bond before he is thrown from the aircraft, plummeting several thousand feet to his death.

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