GoldenEye soundtrack album

GoldenEye is the seventeenth official James Bond film, released in 1995. The theme song for the film was written by Bono and The Edge of U2 fame, and performed by American singer Tina Turner.

The original theme song was going to be performed by Swedish pop group Ace of Base, but the band's label, Arista Records, forced them to pull out because they believed that GoldenEye would be a box office failure. In 2002, a retooled version of their song was released under the new title of The Juvenile.

The score for the film was composed by series newcomer Éric Serra in his sole contribution to the Bond series. Serra's score has been widely criticized and is generally seen as the farthest departure from a traditional Bond score. Serra also composed and sang the end credits song The Experience of Love.

Some of Serra's score was replaced in the final film by the producers with new material from John Altman. Altman's contribution can be heard during the tank chase through St. Petersburg. Serra's original composition can be heard on the soundtrack album titled A Pleasant Drive in St. Petersburg.

One additional song featured in the film but not on the soundtrack; Stand By Your Man by Tammy Wynette. It is performed, off-key and in an exaggerated Russian accent, to comedic effect by Minnie Driver in her role as Irina.

Track listingEdit

  1. "GoldenEye" – Tina Turner
  2. "The GoldenEye Overture: Half of Everything Is Luck/The Other Half Is Fate/For England, James"
  3. "Ladies First"
  4. "We Share the Same Passions: The Trip to Cuba/The Same Passions"
  5. "Little Surprise for You: Xenia/D.M. Mishkin"
  6. "The Severnaya Suite: Among the Dead/Out of Hell/The Husky Tribe"
  7. "Our Lady of Smolensk"
  8. "Whispering Statues: Whispers/Two Faced"
  9. "Run, Shoot, and Jump"
  10. "A Pleasant Drive in St. Petersburg" 
  11. "Fatal Weakness"
  12. "That's What Keeps You Alone"
  13. "Dish out of Water: A Good Squeeze/The Antenna"
  14. "The Scale to Hell: Boris and the Lethal Pen/I Am Invincible"
  15. "For Ever, James"
  16. "The Experience of Love" – Éric Serra
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