Directed by

Guy Hamilton


Sean Connery
Honor Blackman
Gert Fröbe
Harold Sakata

Music by

John Barry

Preceeded by

From Russia with Love

Followed by


Goldfinger is a 1964 spy film and the third official installment of the James Bond film series. The first in the series for director Guy Hamitlon, Goldfinger sees Sean Connery again reprising his role as Bond while Bernard Lee, Lois Maxwell and Desmond Llewelyn all makes returns as their respective characters, M, Miss Moneypenny and Q. Honor Blackman and Gert Fröbe co-star as the Bond girl Pussy Galore and villain Auric Goldfinger respectively. Harold Sakata, Shirley Eaton, Tania Mallet and Cec Linder round out the supporting cast.


Sean Connery as James Bond, MI6 agent 007.

Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore, Goldfinger's personal pilot.

Gert Fröbe as Auric Goldfinger, a greedy gold-smuggler who plots to nuke Fort Knox in order to increase the value of his own gold. (Voice dubbed by Michael Collins)

Harold Sakata as Oddjob, Goldfinger's silent Korean manservant.

Shirley Eaton as Jill Masterson, Goldfinger's aide-ce-camp who is seduced by Bond before Oddjob turns her into the iconic golden girl.

Tania Mallet as Tilly Masterson, Jill's sister who is trying to kill Goldfinger to get revenge.

Cec Linder as Felix Leiter, Bond's close friend from the CIA.

Burt Kwouk as Mr. Ling, a Communist Chinese nuclear fission specialist assisting Goldfinger in his scheme.

Michael Mellinger as Kisch, Goldfinger's other henchman.

Martin Benson as Mr. Solo, the lone gangster who refuses Goldfinger's offer and is subsequently bumped off by Oddjob.

Richard Vernon as Colonel Smithers, an official from the Bank of England.

Margaret Nolan as Dink, Bond's masseusse. Nolan also appears as the golden girl during the title sequence.

Gerry Duggan as Hakwer, Bond's golf caddy.

Austin Willis as Mr. Simmons, Goldfinger's gin rummy opponent.

Bernard Lee as M, the head of MI6 and Bond's superior.

Desmond Llewelyn as Q, the MI6 quartermaster.

Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny, M's secretary.

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