Over the years, James Bond has faced many different villains in various forms of media.


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Eon ProductionsEdit

Film Henchmen Portrayed by Fate
Dr. No Professor R.J. Dent Anthony Dawson Shot twice by James Bond.
Miss Taro Zena Marshall Arrested.
Three Blind Mice Eric Coverly, Charles Edgehill and Henry Lopez

Killed in car crash.

From Russia with Love Donald "Red" Grant Robert Shaw Garroted by Bond
Kronsteen Vladek Sheybal Poisoned by Morzeny.
Morzeny Walter Gotell Incinerated by Bond.
Goldfinger Oddjob Harold Sakata Electrocuted by Bond.
Mr. Ling Burt Kwouk Shot by Auric Goldfinger.
Kisch Michael Mellinger Thrown over rail inside Fort Knox by Oddjob.
Thunderball Fiona Volpe Luciana Paluzzi Used by Bond as human shield.
Vargas Philip Locke Harpooned by Bond.
Count Lippe Guy Doleman Blown up by Volpe.
Angelo Palazzi Paul Stassino Drowned by Largo.
Jacques Bouvar Bob Simmons Strangled by Bond.
Ladislav Kutze George Pravda Switches sides and unknown.
Janni Michael Brennan Unknown.
Quist Bill Cummings Devoured by shark.
Ricardo Ian Bulloch Knocked overboard by Bond.
Brinon François Avazeri Unknown.
Dimitri ? Unknown.
You Only Live Twice Mr. Osato Teru Shimada Shot by Blofeld.
Hans Ronald Rich Falls into piranha pool.
Helga Brandt Karin Dor Dropped into piranha pool by Blofeld.
On Her Majesty's Secret Service Irma Bunt Ilse Steppat Survives.
Grunther Yuri Borienko Impaled on a wall ornament by Tracy Bond.
Diamonds Are Forever Bert Saxby Bruce Cabot Shot by CIA.
Mr. Wint Bruce Glover Blown up by his own bomb.
Mr. Kidd Putter Smith Set alight by Bond.
Live and Let Die Baron Samedi Geoffrey Holder Survived?
Tee Hee Johnson Julius Harris Thrown out of moving train by Bond.
Whisper Earl Jolly Brown Locked into airtight container.
The Man with the Golden Gun Nick Nack Hervé Villechaize Arrested.
Hai Fat Richard Loo Shot by Scaramanga.
Kra Sonny Caldinez Knocked into a vat of liquid helium by Mary Goodnight.
The Spy Who Loved Me Jaws Richard Kiel Survives.
Sandor Milton Reid. Thrown off roof by Bond.
Naomi Caroline Munro Helicopter blown up.
Moonraker Jaws Richard Kiel Switches sides and survives.
Chang Toshirô Suga Thrown through clock face by Bond.
For Your Eyes Only Emile Leopold Locque Michael Gothard Car kicked over cliff by Bond.
Erich Kriegler John Wyman Pushed through window and over cliff.
Hector Gonzales Stefan Kalipha Shot in the back with a crossbow by Melina Havelock.
Claus Charles Dance Harpooned by Columbo's men
Apostis Jack Klaff Fell to his death.
Octopussy Gobinda Kabir Bedi Falls from plane in mid-air.
Mischka David Meyer Knocked on head with circus cannon by Bond.
Grischka Anthony Meyer Knife thrown into chest by Bond.
A View to a Kill May Day Grace Jones Blows herself with Zorin's bomb after changing sides.
Scarpine Patrick Bauchau Blown up in zeppelin.
Carl Mortner Willoughby Gray
Jenny Flex Alison Doody Drowned.
Bob Conley Manning Redwood Drowned.
Pan Ho Papillon Soo Soo Drowned.
The Living Daylights Necros Andreas Wisniewski Dropped from plane in mid-air by Bond.
Licence to Kill Dario Benicio del Toro Falls into cocaine pulverizer.
Milton Krest Anthony Zerbe Head exploded in hyperbaric chamber by Franz Sanchez.
Ed Killifer Everett McGill Devoured by shark.
Colonel Heller Don Stroud Impaled on forklift by Perez.
Perez Alejandro Bracho Car crash.
Braun Guy De Saint Cyr
Truman-Lodge Anthony Starke Shot by Sanchez.
Clive Eddie Edenfield Harpooned by Bond.
GoldenEye Xenia Onatopp Famke Janssen Crushed by parachute safety harness.
General Ourumov Gottfried John Shot by Bond.
Boris Grishenko Alan Cumming Frozen solid.
Tomorrow Never Dies Stamper Götz Otto Blown up by exploding missile.
Henry Gupta Ricky Jay Shot by Elliot Carver.
Dr. Kaufman Vincent Schiavelli Shot in the face by Bond.
The World Is Not Enough Giulietta da Vinci Maria Gracia Cucinotta Suicided.
Mr. Bullion Goldie Shot by Valentin Zukovsky.
Gabor John Seru Shot by Bond.
Sasha Davidov Ulrich Thomsen
Die Another Day Miranda Frost Rosamund Pike Stabbed in the chest by Jinx.
Zao Rick Yune Impaled by chandelier.
Mr. Kil Lawrence Makoare Lasered through the head by Jinx.
Casino Royale Adolph Gettler Richard Sammel Shot with nail gun by Bond.
Steven Obanno Isaach de Bankolé Strangled by Bond.
Alex Dimitrios Simon Abkarian Stabbed by Bond.
Quantum of Solace Elvis Anatole Taubman Incinerated.
Craig Mitchell Glenn Foster Shot by Bond.
Edmund Slate Neil Jackson Stabbed by Bond.
Carlos Fernando Guillén Cuervo Shot by Bond.
Gregg Beam David Harbour Arrested.
Yusef Kabira Simon Kassianides
Skyfall Patrice Ola Rapace Dropped from skyscraper by Bond.
Spectre Mr. Hinx Dave Bautista Bond wrapped a rope around his neck which was attached to a set of barrels. When the barrels fell out of a moving train Hinx was dragged out with them.
Marco Sciarra Alessandro Cremona Kicked out of helicopter by Bond.
Gallo Domenico Fortunato Shot by Bond.
Guerra Benito Sagredo Killed by Hinx.

Non-Eon ProductionsEdit

Film Henchmen Portrayed by Fate
Casino Royale (1954) Basil Gene Roth Shot by Bond.
Zoltan Karl Katch Knocked out by Bond.
Casino Royale (1967) Agent Mimi Deborah Kerr Switches sides and becomes a nun.
Never Say Never Again Fatima Blush Barbara Carrera Blown up by Bond.
Lippe Pat Roach Falls onto broken glass.

Video GamesEdit

Video game Henchmen Portrayed by Fate
GoldenEye Xenia Onatopp Famke Janssen (Likeness) Shot by Bond.
General Ourumov Gottfried John (Likeness) Shot by Bond.
Boris Grishenko Alan Cumming (Likeness) Survives.
Tomorrow Never Dies Stamper Götz Otto (Likeness)
Andrew Bicknell (Voice)
Blown up with Carver's stealth boat.
Dr. Kaufman Vincent Schiavelli (Likeness)
Miles Anderson (Voice)
Shot by Bond.
James Bond 007
The World Is Not Enough Sasha Davidov Ulrich Thomsen (Likeness)
Tim Whitnall (Voice)
007 Racing
Agent Under Fire Nigel Bloch J.B. Blanc Shot out of window with rocket launcher by Bond.
Carla the Jackal Roxana Orteg Knocked into fan by Bond.
Nightfire Armitage Rook Richard Whiten Knocked into fan. (PC)
Shot by Bond. (console)
Makiko "Kiko" Hayashi Tamlyn Tomita Incinerated by rocket exhaust.
Everything or Nothing Katya Nadanova Heidi Klum Killed in plane crash.
Jean le Rougue Marc Grue Shot by Bond.
GoldenEye: Rogue Agent Oddjob Harold Sakata (Likeness) Thrown over rail by GoldenEye.
Xenia Onatopp Famke Janssen (Likeness)
Jenya Lano (Voice)
Thrown off of Hoover Dam.
From Russia with Love Eva Adara Maria Menounous Plane crashes into OCTOPUS base.
Quantum of Solace
GoldenEye: Reloaded Xenia Onatopp Kate Magowan Pulled over cliff by falling helicopter.
General Ourumov Laurence Possa Shot in the heart by Xenia.
Blood Stone Greco Luis Soto Unknown.
Bernin Ramon Tikaram Kicked from ledge by Bond.
007 Legends