Maryse Guy Mitsouko as Mlle. La Porte

Mademoiselle La Porte was James Bond's French liaison. In 1965 she joined him in attending the faux funeral of SPECTRE agent Colonel Jacques Bouvar. After noting that Bond and Bouvar shared the same initials, La Porte watched Bouvar's widow (actually Bouvar himself in disguise) depart for their French château. La Porte then asked Bond if there was anything else the French station could do for him, to which Bond quipped "Later perhaps" and made a hasty exit. After Bond went to the château and killed Bouvar, for real this time, La Porte was waiting outside to pick him up in his Aston Martin DB5. The two were able to make their escape thanks to the car's water cannons spraying Bouvar's thugs, courtesy of Q-Branch.

In the 1965 film Thunderball, Mlle. La Porte was portrayed by Eurasian strip tease artist Maryse Guy Mitsouko although Mitsouko's voice was dubbed by Catherine Clemence.

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