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George Pravda as Ladislav Kutze

Ladislav Kutze was a Polish nuclear physicist working with SPECTRE under Emilio Largo as part of their NATO extortion project. However Kutze was only interested in the stolen warheads and not what Largo planned to do with them. He eventually redeemed himself by rescuing Largo's mistress Domino when she was held captive aboard the Disco Volante and threw the arming device for the missiles into the sea. Kutze was last seen being pushed overboard with only a lifebuoy by James Bond before the Disco Volante crashed, his last words being "I can't swim!" to which Bond replied "Never too late to learn." Kutze presumably either drowned or was taken into custody.

In the 1965 film Thunderball, Kutze was portrayed by Czechoslovakian actor George Pravda.

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