LTK novel

Licence to Kill was released to theaters in 1989, and to coincide with it's release, the James Bond continuation author John Gardner wrote a novelization under the same name. It was the first English novelization written since the adaptations of The Spy Who Loved Me as James Bond, The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker as James Bond and Moonraker, both of which were written by Christopher Wood. However, to Dutch novels were written by Chris Moore based on Octopussy and A View to a Kill.


Felix Leiter, on his wedding day no less, captures drug lord Franz Sanchez for the DEA. However, Sanchez bribes another agent to let him go, and he later kidnaps Leiter and his new wife Della. Della is killed, while Leiter himself is maimed by a shark.

Leiter is found alive alongside his wife's body by his close friend and best man, MI6 agent James Bond, who vows to have revenge on Sanchez. His superior, M wants to send him Istanbul for another assignment, so the disgusted Bond resigns from the service and goes rogue. Now, Bond is out on his own, looking for revenge against Sanchez.

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