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Licence to Kill soundtrack album

Licence to Kill is the sixteenth official James Bond film, released in 1989. The theme song for the film was performed by "Empress of Soul" Gladys Knight. The longest of all the Bond themes, Licence to Kill was based on the "horn line" from Goldfinger and, as such, royalties had to paid to the original writers of that song.

The score for the film was composed by Michael Kamen, known for scoring several action films of the 1980s, such as Lethal Weapon and Die Hard. Glen said that he picked Kamen because he could give "the closest thing to John Barry."

Three additional songs were featured in the film and on the soundtrack. If You Asked Me To, performed by Patti LaBelle, accompanies the end credits to the film. Wedding Party by Ivory is played during the wedding reception, and Dirty Love by Tim Feehan can be heard during the scenes in the Barrelhead Bar.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Licence to Kill" – Gladys Knight
  2. "Wedding Party" – Ivory
  3. "Dirty Love" – Tim Feehan
  4. "Pam"
  5. "If You Asked Me To" – Patti LaBelle
  6. "James & Felix on Their Way to Church"
  7. "His Funny Valentine"
  8. "Sanchez Is in the Bahamas/Shark Fishing"
  9. "Ninja"
  10. "Licence Revoked"
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