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Harris FYEO

Cassandra Harris as Countess von Schlaf

Countess Lisl von Schlaf was the mistress of Greek smuggler Milos Columbo. She appeared in the 1981 film For Your Eyes Only, played by Australian actress Cassandra Harris.


The mistress of Milos Columbo, Lisl acts as a spy for him, sent to extract information from British agent James Bond. At a casino in Corfu, the two stage a loud argument to get his attention. Posing as a reporter, Bond introduces himself to Lisl and offers to drive her back to her beach house.

When they arrive, Lisl invites Bond inside and they share a bottle of champagne. When her accent begins to slip, Bond deduc
Harris FYEO 2

Lisl seducing James Bond.

es that Lisl is, in fact, not of nobility at all but actually from Liverpool. The two proceed to make love and spend the night together. The following morning, Bond and Lisl take a stroll down the beach; suddenly, Belgian hired killer Emile Leopold Locque appears with Claus and they chase the couple in a pair of dune buggies. Bond manages to dodge the vehicles, but Lisl is run down and killed by Locque.
Harris FYEO 3

Lisl is killed by Locque.

Bond later avenges Lisl, along with Luigi Ferrara, when he kicks Locque's car over a cliff.

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