Loti was a Hong Kong Police Narcotics agent sent to Isthmus City in order to infilftrate Franz Sanchez's drug running operations along with Kwang. However their cover was blown by James Bond, resulting in the deaths of the two agents.

In the 1989 film Licence to Kill, Loti was portrayed by American actress Diana Lee-Hsu.


Loti's role seems to be to act as arm candy for Kwang while he is posing as an Asian drug lord. She appears with him when he visits the casino in Isthmus City. Later, when Bond attempts to kill Sanchez with a sniper rifle, Loti disguises herself as a ninja and attacks him, assisted by another ninja. After a brief fight, they knock Bond out and bring him back to their safehouse.

At the safehouse, Bond is interrogated by Kwang and Fallon, the MI6 agent sent by M to retrieve the rogue Bond. Fallon had been unknowingly followed by Colonel Heller, who begins to shell the safehouse. Fallon and the ninja are killed instantly, while Kwang is gravely injured and trapped under fallen debris. He tells Loti "Don't let them take you alive."

As Heller and his men enter the destroyed safehouse, Loti attacks them, managing to kill one of them with her martial arts skills. She then picks up his machine gun and guns down another soldier before Heller quickly shoots her death with his sidearm.

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