John Moreno as Luigi Ferrara (right, obviously)

Luigi Ferrara was an Italian MI6 agent based in Cortina. He introduced James Bond to Aristotle Kristatos and was killed by Emile Leopold Locque.

In the 1981 film For Your Eyes Only, Luigi was portrayed by French-born British actor John Moreno.


Luigi met with James Bond in Cortina, Italy. He brought Bond to the ice rink and introduced him to his most "trustworthy" contact in the underworld, former smuggler Aristotle Kristatos. Later on, Bond left Luigi waiting

The end of Luigi.

in his Lotus Espirit while he met up with Bibi Dahl. When Bond returned to the car, he discovered that Luigi had been garroted by Emile Leopold Locque, who left a Dove pin at the scene of the crime in order to frame Milos Columbo.

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