Number Eleven - Profile (2)

Murray Kash as SPECTRE Number Eleven

Number Eleven was a member of the SPECTRE executive board. In 1965 he was put in charge of overseeing the organization's distribution of Red China narcotics in the United States which resulted in a profit of two-million-three-hundred pounds, collected by Number Eleven and Number Nine. When Number Eleven presented these results to the rest of the SPECTRE board during a meeting in Paris, Number One was not happy, stating that he had expected the operation to generate a considerably higher amount of money. Despite Number Eleven citing competition from Latin America as the cause of the disappointing returns, Number One announced that he had reached the decision that one of the pair was guilty of embezzlement and had also decided upon a suitable punishment. Number Nine remained calm while Number Eleven grew increasingly nervous; alas, after an incredibly tense few seconds, Number One hit a button on his control panel which sent a fatal shock of electricity through Number Nine's body. Number Nine's corpse was then quietly removed from the room and disposed of while Number Eleven and Number Thirteen mopped sweat from their brows.

In the 1965 film Thunderball, Number Eleven was portrayed by Canadian actor Murray Kash.

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