Perez 1

Alejandro Bracho as Perez

Perez was one of Franz Sanchez's three main henchmen (along with Dario and Braun), acting as Sanchez's advisor. He appeared in the 1989 film Licence to Kill, played by Mexican actor Alejandro Bracho.


Perez first appears alongside Sanchez, Dario and Braun when they invade Alvarez's residence in Florida's Cray Key to retrieve Sanchez's stray girlfriend Lupe Lamora. Perez strangles Alvarez's guard to death outside before the gang burst in and kill Alvarez himself. Perez subsequently escapes with Dario and Braun while Sanchez is arrested.

The trio resurface following Sanchez's escape from U.S. Custody and assist in the kidnapping of Felix Leiter and the rape and murder of his wife Della. This gets the attention of James Bond, who sets about trying to bring down Sanchez and his empire.

When Bond destroys Sanchez's cocaine lab hidden in the Olympatec Meditation Institute, the drug lord escapes with a convoy of petrol tankers carrying smuggled cocaine. Before leaving, he orders Perez to kill Colonel Heller, who he suspects of betraying him, and Perez obliges, impaling Heller on a forklift. He then flees the burning lab with Braun to bring up the rear of the convoy.

After driving through the burning wreckage of a tanker to pursue Bond, the two goons spot him hanging off of the back of the final tanker. Perez tries to shoot him, but Bond loosens a valve which creates a trail of petrol behind the tanker. As the truck's tires had already caught fire, the whole vehicle bursts into flames, causing Braun to lose control and veer over a cliff face. The falling truck narrowly avoids colliding with Pam Bouvier's plane in mid-air as Braun and Perez fall to their deaths.

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