Peter Hume

Andrew Hawkins as Lieutenant Commander Hume

Peter Hume was the Lieutenant Commander aboard the British missile frigate H.M.S Devonshire. In 1997, he thought he was sailing through international waters, but in reality had entered the South China Seas due to the manipulations of Henry Gupta and his GPS encoder. This lead the crew of the Devonshire into a standoff with two Chinese MiGs. Richard Stamper, working on behalf of Elliot Carver, used a Sea-Vac Drill to attack and sink the Devonshire, although Captain Day believed that the ship had been torpedoed by the Chinese. He subsequently ordered that the ship be abandoned. Hume and the surviving crew swam into the docking bay of Carver's Stealth Ship, where they were shot to death by Stamper with a machine gun loaded with Chinese-made bullets.

In the 1997 film Tomorrow Never Dies Lieutenant Commander Hume was portrayed by English actor Andrew Hawkins.

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