Lawrence TMWTGG

Marc Lawrence as Rodney

Rodney was a Las Vegas gangster. He appeared in both Diamonds Are Forever and The Man with the Golden Gun, played by American actor Marc Lawrence.


Diamonds Are ForeverEdit

Rodney works for Morton Slumber at Slumber Inc., a funeral home as the lead undertaker. In reality, the Slumber Inc. funeral home is part of Blofeld's diamond smuggling pipeline. The Slumber Inc. smugglers show up uninvited in James Bond's hotel room, interrupting a sexual encounter between Bond and Plenty O'Toole. Rodney carries a half-naked Plenty across the room and chucks her out of the window, where she lands in the swimming pool. Lawrence delivers one of the most memorable lines from the film, where Bond compliments him on his "exceptionally fine shot" to which Rodney replies "I didn't know there was a pool down there."

The Man with the Golden GunEdit

Rodney reappears in the pre-titles sequence of The Man with the Golden Gun. He is hired by Nick Nack, obstensibly to kill Francisco Scaramanga, but Rodney was just another addition to a long line of stooges hired by Nick Nack to test Scaramanga's skills and keep him on his toes between jobs. After arriving on Scaramanga's island, Rodney chased Scaramanga into the funhouse, where Rodney became increasingly nervous. He tried several times to shoot Scaramanga, but the assassin outwitted him and killed Rodney with a single shot to the head from his golden gun.

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