Satoshi Isagura was a Japanese chemical expert and terrorist wanted by authorities in connection with the March 20, 1995 Tokyo subway sarin attack. In 1997, he was working for the insurgent force in Zaire and attended a terrorist arms bazaar on the Russian border. He was presumably killed when the bazaar was destroyed in a missile blast by the H.M.S. Chester on the orders of Admiral Roebuck.

In the 1997 film Tomorrow Never Dies, Isagura was portrayed by British actor Khan Bonfils, who would years later appear as a henchman in Skyfall.

Other AppearancesEdit

Isagura has an expanded role in the 1999 video game adaptation of Tomorrow Never Dies. This version of Isagura is actually working for Elliot Carver and is killed in a shootout with Bond at a ski lodge. He is voiced by Zimbabwean actor Miles Anderson.

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