Bauchau AVTAK

Patrick Bauchau as Scarpine

Scarpine was the chief of security at Zorin Industries. He was extremely loyal to his employer, Max Zorin, and assisted him in carrying out Project Main Strike.

In the 1985 film A View to a Kill, Scarpine was portrayed by Belgian actor Patrick Bauchau.


Scarpine first meets James Bond when he is posing as James St John Smythe at Zorin's estate. After carrying out a security check on Bond with Pan Ho, Scarpine provides Bond with all of the necessary information about what will be happening at the horse sale. He then directs Bond to the guest quarters.

Scarpine later accompanies Zorin to San Francisco to organize Project Main Strike. He witnesses Zorin's killing of Klotkoff and is later present at City Hall when Zorin murders W.G. Howe before burning the building to the ground.

The next day, Scarpine plants some dynamite in the mine and then gives the detonator to Zorin, stating that "it is time to flood the vault." Bob Conley protests, so Scarpine strikes him over the back of the head, causing Conley to fall into the mine. Zorin then blows the mine and floods the vault. He is joined by Scarpine when he guns down the terrified mine workers. The two then depart from the mine, fleeing in an airship with Carl Mortner.

Bond pursues the trio as they make their escape, leaping onto the mooring rope and eventually securing the blimp to the framework of the Golden Gate Bridge. Zorin orders Scarpine to go out and kill Bond, but Scarpine hesitates, allowing Stacey Sutton to knock him out with a fire extinguisher. Trying to kill Bond himself, Mortner lights a stick of dynamite, but Bond cuts the mooring rope and causes Mortner to drop it. Both Mortner and Scarpine panic and try to pick it back up, but the chaos overwhelms them and the dynamite explodes, killing them both.

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