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Tomorrow Never Dies soundtrack album

Tomorrow Never Dies is the eighteenth official James Bond film, released in 1997. The theme song for the film was performed by American singer Sheryl Crow.

The score to the film was composed by English composer David Arnold. Arnold has previously produced an album entitled Shaken and Stirred: The David Arnold James Bond Project which featured several popular artists performing cover song renditions of classic Bond themes. Longtime series composer John Barry brought Arnold to the attention of the producers, who chose him to work on the film.

Crow's song replaced the song originally chosen to play over the opening title sequence; Surrender written by Arnold and performed by Canadian pop singer k.d. lang. Surrender is still used in the film, being played over the end credits, the melody of the song is weaved into the score by Arnold.

Track ListingEdit

1997 releaseEdit

  1. "Tomorrow Never Dies" – Sheryl Crow
  2. "White Knight"
  3. "The Sinking of the Devonshire"
  4. "Company Car"
  5. "Station Break"
  6. "Paris and Bond"
  7. "The Last Goodbye"
  8. "Hamburg Break In"
  9. "Hamburg Break Out"
  10. "Doctor Kaufman"
  11. "*-3-Send"
  12. "Underwater Discovery"
  13. "Backseat Driver" – David Arnold and Alex Gifford of Propellerheads
  14. "Surrender" – k.d. lang
  15. "James Bond Theme" – Moby

2000 releaseEdit

  1. "White Knight"
  2. "Sinking of the Devonshire"
  3. "Company Car"
  4. "Paris And Bond"
  5. "Last Goodbye"
  6. "Hamburg Break In"
  7. "Hamburg Break Out"
  8. "Doctor Kaufman"
  9. "*-3-Send"
  10. "Backseat Driver"
  11. "Underwater Discovery"
  12. "Helicopter Ride"
  13. "Bike Chase"
  14. "Bike Shop Fight"
  15. "Kowloon Bay"
  16. "Boarding the Stealth"
  17. "A Tricky Spot for 007"
  18. "All in a Day's Work"
  19. "Exclusive David Arnold Interview"

Other SongsEdit

In addition to the Sheryl Crow and k.d. lang songs submitted, several other recording artists made their own attempts at creating a theme song for Tomorrow Never Dies. These include:

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