Over the years, James Bond has faced many different villains in various forms of media.


Ian FlemingEdit

Novel Villain Objective Outcome Fate
Casino Royale Le Chiffre Pay off his embarrassing debts to his SMERSH masters by winning the money at Casino Royale's baccarat table. James Bond beats Le Chiffre at the baccarat tournament. Shot between the eyes by a SMERSH hitman.
Live and Let Die Mr. Big Smuggle and sell ancient gold coins in order to finance SMERSH operations. Bond destroys the coins and kills Big. Bond blows up his boat and he falls into the water, where he is eaten by sharks and a barracuda.
Moonraker Sir Hugo Drax Destroy London with a nuclear missile, the eponymous Moonraker. Bond alters the rocket's target coordinates. Rocket crashes into the water directly in the path of Drax's submarine, killing everyone on board.
Diamonds Are Forever Jack Spang Smuggle a large cache of diamonds worth millions of dollars from Africa to America to fund organisation. Smuggling operation dismantled when all operatives are assassinated. Killed when his helicopter is shot down by Bond.
Seraffimo Spang Shot in the leg by Bond while he conducts his train, causing Spang to accidentally derail the train and make it crash.
From Russia, with Love Rosa Klebb Kill James Bond in a humiliating sex scandal, kill MI6 cryptanalysts with boobytrapped cypher machine. Hired killer Grant fails to kill Bond, so does Klebb. Captured by the Deuxieme Bureau. Later died.
General Grubozaboyschikov Survived.
Dr. No Dr. Julius No Disrupt U.S. guided missile tests. Dr. No killed, project dismantled. Buried under a pile of guano by Bond.
Goldfinger Auric Goldfinger Steal the U.S. gold supply from Fort Knox to finance SMERSH. U.S. authorities alerted by Bond. Strangled by Bond.
"From a View to a Kill" (short story) GRU agents Kill dispatch-riders of SHAPE to steal information from the British Secret Service. Riders killed but information recovered by Bond. Shot by Bond and Mary Ann Russell.
"For Your Eyes Only" (short story) Colonel von Hammerstein Acquire the Havelock Estate in Jamaica to use as a headquarters for a drug running operation. Obtains the estate but both are later killed. Shot with an arrow by Judy Havelock.
Hector Gonzales Shot by Bond in firefight.
"Risico" (short story) Aristotle Kristatos Smuggle drugs, aid Soviet missile development, and mislead Bond into killing rival. Bond discovers the truth. Shot by Bond while driving his car, and his car drives off into fog.
"The Hildebrand Rarity" (short story) Milton Krest Catch the Hildebrand Rarity by any means necessary. Succeeds, but dies. Choked to death on the rare fish (implied to have been murdered by his battered wife).
Thunderball Emilio Largo Blackmail the western world with two stolen atomic bombs. Bond discovers the location of the bombs. Shot with a speargun in the neck by his mistress, Domino.
Ernst Stavro Blofeld Survived.
The Spy Who Loved Me Mr. Sanguinetti Have his motel burnt down and have Vivienne Michel assassinated in order to claim property and life insurances. His assassins fail to kill Vivienne and set the place on fire. Arrested by the U.S. Border Patrol.
Sol "Horror" Horowitz and Sluggsy Morant Assassinate Vivienne Michel under orders of Mr. Sanguinetti and torch the motel Sanguinetti owned. They fail to kill Vivienne and are killed themselves. Both are shot to death by Bond.
On Her Majesty's Secret Service Ernst Stavro Blofeld (SPECTRE) Develop deadly virus to destroy British livestock and cereals. Virus and HQ destroyed by Bond and MI6 agents. Survived.
You Only Live Twice Ernst Stavro Blofeld (SPECTRE) He creates a "garden of death" and entices depressed Japanese to suicide and charge for suicides to refinance SPECTRE organisation. Lair destroyed and henchmen killed by Bond. Strangled by Bond.
The Man with the Golden Gun Francisco (Paco) "Pistols" Scaramanga Expand his international crime organisation to the Caribbean and organise smuggling operations to finance. His allies are killed in the explosion of his mansion and he is killed by Bond. Shot by Bond, ultimately through the heart.
"Octopussy" (short story) Major Dexter Smythe Live off looted Nazi gold. Is discovered by Bond and faced with the choice between prosecution and suicide. Accidentally stung by scorpion fish, then partially eaten by an octopus.
"The Property of a Lady" (short story) Maria Freudenstein and her Soviet contact Receive secret payment for double agent services. Succeeds. Survives but her contact is deported.
The Living Daylights" (short story) Trigger, KGB assassin. Assassinate defector. Gun shot out of hand before she can kill the defector. Wounded by Bond, but she survives and escapes.
"007 In New York" (short story) KGB double-agent Blackmail MI6 using a female Employee. Employee tipped off by Bond. Arrested by the CIA.

Kingsley Amis (writing as Robert Markham)Edit

Novel Villain Objective Outcome Fate
Colonel Sun Colonel Sun Liang-tan Sabotage USSR summit conference, frame Great Britain. Operatives killed, summit conference members alerted. Stabbed in the back and again in the heart by Bond.

Christopher WoodEdit

Novel Villain Objective Outcome Fate
James Bond, The Spy Who Loved Me Sigmund Stromberg Use stolen submarines to provoke a nuclear war between the US and the Soviets and then rebuild humanity under the ocean. Bond destroys his base and blows up the submarines. Shot to death by Bond.
James Bond and Moonraker Hugo Drax Fire a nerve agent from space to kill the entire population of earth and then create a new civilization in space. Bond destroys his space station, and with it the globes containing the nerve agent. Shot with a poison dart by Bond before being pushed out of an airlock and blown into the vacuum of space.

John GardnerEdit

Novel Villain Objective Outcome Fate
Licence Renewed Dr. Anton Murik Hold nuclear plants hostage in exchange for the $50 billion to build a safe reactor. Bond gives the abort order to henchmen. Shot dead by Bond.
For Special Services SPECTRENena Bismaquer (Blofeld) Use Bond to take control of NORAD. Nena's husband, Markus, breaks her hypnotic spell on Bond before the plan succeeds. Crushed by her own pythons.
Icebreaker Count Konrad von Glöda
(also known as "Aarne Tudeer")
Bring back Nazism by wiping out communists. Bond defeats him with the aid of a Mossad agent and a member of the CIA. Shot by Bond.
Role of Honour Jay Autem Holy Disarm U.S. and Soviet nuclear weaponry through a computerised scheme to create world peace. Bond's "defection" to SPECTRE is actually a fake, and he ruins them. Shot and killed by Rahani.
Tamil Rahani (SPECTRE) Disarm the U.S. nuclear weaponry to give the USSR advantage in Cold War. Escapes.
Nobody Lives for Ever Tamil Rahani(SPECTRE) Have Bond assassinated by putting a large bounty on his head. Bond kills him. Blown up by a bed bomb which had been planted of Bond.
No Deals, Mr. Bond General Konstantin Nikolaevich Chernov
(also known as "Blackfriar")
Kill all participants in defunct espionage operation. Bond saves them. Arrested.
Scorpius Vladimir Scorpius
(also known as "Father Valentine")
Conduct assassinations with a cult of suicide bombers; ultimately kill U.S. President and British Prime Minister. Cult raided and disbanded; President and Prime Minister saved. Bitten by water moccasins.
Win, Lose or Die BAST — Bassam Baradj Capture aircraft carrier with U.S., UK, and USSR leaders on board, hold them for ransom. Bond overtakes the ship. Shot by Bond's ally.
Licence to Kill (Novelization) Franz Sanchez Smuggle drugs. Bond destroys factory. Set on fire by Bond.
Brokenclaw "Brokenclaw" Lee Fu-Chu Sell secret plans for underwater defence system to Red China. Crash world stock market via computerised scheme. Chinese agents captured and impersonated by Bond and ally. Base blown to bits. Shot by Bond with bow and arrow.
The Man from Barbarossa General Yevgeny Yuskovich Supply Iraq with nuclear weapons.
Death is Forever Wolfgang Weisen Assassinate all members of British-American CABAL. Destabilise Western Europe by blowing up train containing many world leaders. Electrocuted.
Never Send Flowers David Dragonpol Assassinate Princess Diana and sons at Euro Disney. Royal family preempted from arriving at Euro Disney. Blown up by his own bomb.
SeaFire Sir Maxwell Tarn Start oil spill fire during demonstration with U-boat. Bond destroys submarine. Shot with a flare gun by Bond.
GoldenEye (Novelization) Janus-Alec Trevelyan (006) Ruin London's economy. Base destroyed. Crushed by falling debris.
COLD General Brutus Clay Replace government with puritan society. Bond discovers plan and informs superiors to bomb base. Shot by Bond from boat into water where he drowns.

Raymond BensonEdit

Novel Villain Objective Outcome Fate
Blast from the Past (short story) Irma Bunt Kill James Bond by shaving him with a razor soaked in Japanese fish poison and "accidentally" nicking him. Bond is rescued by his girlfriend. Shot by Bond.
Zero Minus Ten Guy Thackeray Destroy Hong Kong with nuclear bomb. Location of bomb discovered, bomb neutralised. Drowned by Bond.
Tomorrow Never Dies (Novelization) Elliot Carver Initiate a war between the United Kingdom and China by destroying Beijing in order to boost ratings. Bond and Wai-Lin destroy the bomb and Carver's base. Forced into path of the Sea-Vac drill by Bond.
General Chang Stage a coup in China by gathering the government in Beijing before Carver destroys it, allowing him to take over. Bond destroys Carver's base and alerts Chinese authorities. Arrested.
The Facts of Death Konstantine Romanos Instigate war between Greece and Turkey by firing nuclear missile into Turkey. Killed by fellow Decada member Hera Volopoulos. Killed by Hera.
Hera Volopoulos Release virus onto world, profit from treatment. Stopped with assistance from Greek military. Blown up, then drowned by Bond.
Midsummer Night's Doom (short story) Anton Redenius Sell Ministry of Defence secrets to Russian Mafia. Identified as culprit. Microfilm retrieved by Bond. Arrested.
High Time to Kill Roland Marquis Retrieve Skin 17 microdot from corpse on Kangchenjunga Mountain before Bond does. Sell to Russian Mafia. Marquis gives Bond microdot in exchange for oxygen. Dies of oxygen deprivation at the peak.
Le Gérant, The Union Retrieve microdot. Sell to Chinese government. Survives.
The World Is Not Enough (Novelization) Elektra King Kill her father to take over his oil business and then destroy Istanbul to monopolize the oil market. Renard's submarine is sunk by Bond. Shot in the chest by Bond.
Victor Zokas/Renard Assassinate Elektra's father and then use a nuclear submarine to blow up İstanbul so that Elektra can take over the oil industry. Bond kills him and sinks the submarine. Impaled to death by his own plutonium rod, which is shot out of the reactor by Bond.
Live at Five (short story) KGB (Natalia's coach) Prevent Russian ice skater Natalia Lustokov's defection to the West. Bond helps skater defect on live television. KGB embarrassed in public.
Doubleshot Domingo Espada Overthrow Gibraltar's government with a series of assassinations. Frame James Bond by using lookalike as assassin. Install Espada as new governor. Bond kills his double and takes his place, foiling the coup. Shot through cheek by Bond and chokes to death on own blood.
Le Gérant, The Union Survives.
Never Dream of Dying Le Gérant, The Union Make political statement about Western decadence by blowing up Cannes Film Festival with CL-20 explosives. Bond discovers location of bomb, prevents remote detonation by phone call, informs authorities. Bond uses a grenade launcher to blow his helicopter up.
Goro Yoshida Survives.
The Man with the Red Tattoo Goro Yoshida Release deadly mutant strain of the West Nile virus via mosquitoes on Western world. Virus destroyed. Commits seppuku before he can be captured by Bond.
Die Another Day (Novelization) Colonel Moon/Gustav Graves Smuggle diamonds/Use the Icarus satellite to attack South Korea and then invade it. Diamond smuggling operation dismantled by Bond/Icarus controls destroyed. Escape vehicle drive over cliff/Parachutes opened by Bond next to torn fuselage, sucking him out into the plane engine.

Sebastian FaulksEdit

Novel Villain Objective Outcome Fate
Devil May Care Dr. Julius Gorner Import opium into England. Force Bond to pilot airliner into Soviet territory and bomb it, making it appear to be England's doing. Bond gains control of airplane and crashes it into mountainside. Shot by Bond. Jumps into river to escape, where he is torn apart by a boat's paddles.

Jeffery DeaverEdit

Novel Villain Objective Outcome Fate
Carte Blanche Severan Hydt Use a prototype Serbian weapon known as a "Cutter" to destroy a university in York, killing a cancer researcher who could ruin his employer, a pharmaceutical corporation. Bond is able to warn British authorities about the Cutter before it detonates. Shot by associate Niall Dunne.
Felicity Willing Uses her position as head of the International Organisation Against Hunger to strategically distribute food aid across northern Africa, giving the government of the Sudan a pretext to go to war with the south. Tricked into confessing to the scheme by Bond and Bheka Jordaan. Extradited to a secret location after evidence is planted to suggest she was embezzling money from her Chinese backers.
Niall Dunne Assists Hydt in his operation, then betrays and kills him while working for Felicity Willing. Bond captures Felicity and kills Dunne. Shot by Bond and Bheka Jordaan.

William BoydEdit

Novel Villain Objective Outcome Fate
Solo Kobus Breed Use Dahumni children as drug mules to smuggle raw heroin into the States. Bond tracks him down to Washington DC. Shot and left for dead by Bond.

Anthony HorowitzEdit

Novel Villain Objective Outcome Fate
Trigger Mortis Jason Sin Sabotage US rocket test launch. Blow up Empire State Building with train bomb and make it appear to be the rocket's doing by spreading debris of duplicate rocket around bomb site. Use public outcry to give USSR advantage in the Space Race. Bomb neutralized and train derailed en route to Empire State Building. Electrocuted by train railing.

Charlie HigsonEdit

Novel Villain Objective Outcome Fate
SilverFin Lord Randolph Hellebore Create a new breed of superhuman soldiers, made from eels and humans. Conquer Europe with an army of his superhuman soldiers. Bond and Hellborne's son destroy his lab. Falls into Loch Silverfin, where he is devoured by savage eels.
Blood Fever Count Ugo Carnifex Revive the Millenaria, and steal priceless works of art. His benefactor floods his palace for his failure. Hit by his sea plane that was swept away by a wave of water.
Double or Die Irina Sedova (Babushka) Build Russia a new decoder device. Bond destroys the machine. Survives.
Hurricane Gold Mrs. Glass Sell important American documents to the Japanese. Succeeds. Imprisoned.
El Huracán Punish all guests on his island who break his rules. Bond beats his obstacle course and escapes. Spared by Bond.
By Royal Command Dr. Perseus Friend Help the Nazi cause by masterminding the assassination of King George, get revenge on James for destroying his work in Silverfin. Bond saves the king, destroys Friend's operation and forces Sedova to kill Friend. Shot through the face by Colonel Sedova.
Irina Sedova (Babushka) Find and kill Friend, only after King George is dead. Shot by Bond, but survives because of bulletproof jacket.
A Hard Man to Kill (Short story) Emil Lefebrve Help General Caiboche escape. Succeeds.
Caiboche Escape from custody. Succeeds. Survives.

Steve ColeEdit

Novel Villain Objective Outcome Fate
Shoot to Kill
Heads You Die

Unofficial WorksEdit

Michael K. Frith and Christopher B. CerfEdit

Novel Villain Objective Outcome Fate
Alligator Lacterus Alligator Hold the British House of Parliament to ransom.

Jim HatfieldEdit

Novel Villain Objective Outcome Fate
The Killing Zone Klaus Doberman Murder M's chief of staff, Bill Tanner, smuggle drugs and kill James Bond. Succeeds in having Tanner killed but organization is dismantled by Bond. Bond is later killed by an assassin. Thrown out of helicopter by Bond and grabs hold of dangling rope. Helicopter then flown over mountains, causing him to smash into the side of it and die.

Will SwiftEdit

Novel Villain Objective Outcome Fate
License to Hug IRA Hitman Smuggle drugs. Killed by Bond.

Phillip and Robert KingEdit

Novel Villain Objective Outcome Fate
Your Deal, Mr. Bond Saladin Explode nuclear bombs in several major cities across the world.


Mike GrellEdit

Comic Villain Objective Outcome Fate
Permission to Die Erik Wizardio Trigger global nuclear disarment by detonating his new rocket technology in British Columbia. Bond sabotages the rocket and destroys his base. Killed when Bond blows up his base.

Doug MoenchEdit

Comic Villain Objective Outcome Fate
Serpent's Tooth Indigo Create a utopia, New Eden, and purge all those he deems unworthy to live in it using stolen nuclear missiles. Bond disables the rocket and floods Indigo's underwater base. Drowned.
Minute of Midnight Lexis Sabotage nuclear power plants. Bond informed MI6 of the plan. Killed by Bond.

Simon JowettEdit

Comic Villain Objective Outcome Fate
A Silent Armageddon Mr. Lefluer (Cerebrus) Use the Omega computer system to take over the world. Comic cancelled before end, presumably stopped by Bond. Presumably defeated by Bond.
Shattered Helix Bullock (Cerebrus) Unleash a genetically engineered virus upon the world. Bond destroys the lab where the weapon is being produced. Killed by the virus.

Das PetrouEdit

Comic Villain Objective Outcome Fate
Light of My Death Mr. Amos Have Bond killed. Bond killed the assassin. Survived.

Don McGregorEdit

Comic Villain Objective Outcome Fate
The Quasimodo Gambit Maximillian Steel AKA Quasimodo Smuggle C4 into the United States. Foiled by Bond. Defeated by Bond.


Eon ProductionsEdit

Film Villain Portrayed by Objective Outcome Fate
Dr. No Dr. Julius No Joseph Wiseman Sabotage American missile tests by "toppling", using directed radio waves to interfere with a missile's guidance system and send it off course. Bond overloads the nuclear reactor in No's base causing the toppling device used to sabotage the tests to overload. Lowered into his own reactor coolant and boiled to death.
From Russia With Love Rosa Klebb Lotte Lenya Humiliating MI6 for the death of Dr. Julius No by using Russian agent Tatiana Romanova and a Soviet decoding device as bait to lure James Bond into a trap, killing him and leaking compromising photos of Bond and Tatiana to the press before truly capturing the decoder. Bond acquires the device for MI6 and England, kills their assassin Donald 'Red' Grant, and survives Klebb's attempt to kill him. Shot in the chest by Tatiana Romanova.
Ernst Stavro Blofeld Anthony Dawson (body), Eric Pohlmann (voice) Survives (no contact between him and Bond).
Goldfinger Auric Goldfinger Gert Fröbe Detonate an atomic bomb in the Fort Knox vault, irradiating the bullion stored there to make it worthless, thereby increasing the value of his own gold, and causing a financial meltdown in the Western world. Goldfinger manages to place the bomb inside the Fort Knox vault, but it is disabled by CIA operatives that Bond led there after discovering Goldfinger's plot. Sucked out of a depressurising plane through a shattered window.
Thunderball Emilio Largo Adolfo Celi Use stolen nuclear warheads to extort money from NATO. Before the ransom is paid, Bond and the US Coast Guard recover one of the warheads from Largo's men; the other is sabotaged by Dr. Ladislav Kutze after he changes sides - is presumed destroyed with the Disco Volante after it crashes into the rocks and explodes. Shot in the back with a harpoon by his mistress, Domino.
Ernst Stavro Blofeld Anthony Dawson (body), Eric Pohlmann (voice) Survives (no contact between him and Bond).
You Only Live Twice Ernst Stavro Blofeld Donald Pleasence Capture Soviet and United States spacecraft from orbit in order to provoke war between the superpowers on behalf of an undisclosed Asian country. Bond uses a self-destruct button in Blofeld's lair to destroy the Bird-1 spacecraft used to capture manned space capsules from orbit. Survives.
On Her Majesty's Secret Service Ernst Stavro Blofeld Telly Savalas Extort the world with viruses that render crops and livestock totally infertile. Bond, with the help of Marc Ange Draco, destroys the laboratory where the viruses are being developed before they can be released. Survives.
Diamonds Are Forever Ernst Stavro Blofeld Charles Gray Create an industrial laser attached to satellite and magnified by diamonds, which is capable of destroying nuclear targets anywhere on the face of the Earth. Used to extort money from nuclear superpowers with supremacy going to the highest bidder. Bond smashes Blofeld's mini-sub multiple times like a wrecking ball against the control room of his lair, disabling the satellite before dropping the submarine into the ocean. Presumably drowned after Bond dropped him and his wrecked mini-sub into the ocean.
Live and Let Die Dr. Kananga (also called Mr. Big) Yaphet Kotto Distribute world's largest cache of heroin into the United States, free of charge, in order to drive all the other drug cartels out of business. This will increase the number of addicts, and give Kananga a monopoly on the heroin market. Quarrel Jr. destroys his poppy fields with a series of explosives. Inflates and explodes after Bond forces a compressed-gas capsule down his throat.
The Man with the Golden Gun Francisco Scaramanga Christopher Lee Acquire the Solex Agitator, a vital component for solar power plants, and sell it to the highest bidder; kill Bond, the one man he thinks is his equal. Bond retrieves the Agitator for MI6. Shot in the heart by Bond in the Hall of Mirrors when Bond pretends to be a statue of himself.
The Spy Who Loved Me Karl Stromberg Curt Jürgens Destroy the world by using hijacked British and Soviet submarines to fire nuclear missiles on New York and Moscow and provoking the superpowers into a nuclear war; rebuild civilisation under the sea once the war is over. Bond redirects the missiles' coordinates so that the missile fired by each sub hits the other. Shot four times by Bond.
Moonraker Hugo Drax Michael Lonsdale Destroy all human life on Earth by releasing a nerve agent from a space station before rebuilding humanity with carefully chosen breeding stock in accordance with his vision. The space station containing the poisonous globes is destroyed by U.S. Marines, and the three globes that are launched are destroyed by Bond and Holly Goodhead before they can release their payload. Shot with poison dart gun and ejected into outer space by Bond.
For Your Eyes Only Aristotle Kristatos Julian Glover Acquire ATAC device, which would enable hijacking of British Polaris missiles, and selling it to the Soviet Union. Bond throws the ATAC device off a cliff and destroys it. Killed with a knife thrown into back by Milos Columbo.
Octopussy General Orlov Steven Berkoff Detonate a nuclear bomb on a U.S. Army base in West Germany, forcing NATO into withdrawing and allowing the Soviet Union to invade Germany. Bond disarms the bomb. While attempting to jump on Octopussy's circus train, he is shot by three border guards who mistakenly believe him to be defecting.
Kamal Khan Louis Jourdan To aid General Orlov in his plan; Orlov pays Khan with jewels stolen from the Moscow Kremlin. Jewels confiscated by the KGB. Dies when his plane crashes into a mountain.
A View to a Kill Max Zorin Christopher Walken Trigger a massive earthquake that will destroy Silicon Valley in order to monopolise the microchip market. His former henchman and lover, May Day, switches sides and removes a bomb necessary for Zorin's plan to succeed; she dies in the explosion, which causes no other damage. Plummets from the top of the Golden Gate Bridge.
The Living Daylights General Georgi Koskov Jeroen Krabbé Misleads MI6 into believing the KGB under General Pushkin has reactivated an assassination program targeting spies (SMERSH). Bond will be assigned to eliminate Pushkin, who is investigating Koskov for embezzlement; with Pushkin dead, Koskov will be free to continue supporting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Bond and Pushkin fake the latter's assassination, fooling Koskov into believing he is free to act. Arrested; implied to be executed by Pushkin's government offscreen.
Brad Whitaker Joe Don Baker Uses Koskov's embezzled KGB funds to buy opium from the Afghan mujahideen. He then plans to use the money to cover up the theft and the profits to continue funding the Soviet war in Afghanistan. Bond steals the C-130 Hercules cargo plane carrying the opium and then crashes it, ruining the deal. Bond activates a bomb disguised as a key chain, dropping a bust of Wellington on Whitaker, crushing him.
Licence to Kill Franz Sanchez Robert Davi Create an international drug cartel from South America to Asia, smuggling cocaine dissolved in petrol. Bond destroys the drug processing factory, along with the first shipment of merchandise being transported in tanker lorries. Soaked in petrol after his tanker is rammed off the road, then set on fire by Bond as revenge for an attack on his friend Felix Leiter.
GoldenEye Alec Trevelyan/Janus Sean Bean Take control of the "GoldenEye" satellite weapons, detonating a nuclear device over London as revenge for a perceived betrayal during World War II. The electromagnetic pulse from the weapon will devastate London, covering up the electronic theft of millions of pounds from the Bank of England's computer systems. Natalya Simonova destroys the GoldenEye by sabotaging the ground transmitter, sending the satellite off-course and causing it to burn up on re-entry. Dropped by Bond from radar dish, crushed by the collapsing radar array.
Tomorrow Never Dies Elliot Carver Jonathan Pryce Provoke a war between the United Kingdom and China by leading a British warship into Chinese territorial waters before sinking it. This is followed by a plan to fire a nuclear missile on Beijing to bring about a regime change in China. As a result, Carver will be permitted to expand his media franchise into China for the next century. Bond compromises Carver's stealth boat technology, allowing the British Navy to target and destroy both the boat and the missile still in the cargo bay. Bond forces Carver into the path of a remote-controlled drill the size of a jet engine.
General Chang Philip Kwok Stage a coup in China by supplying Carver with the means to develop a stealth vessel. When China and the United Kingdom declare war on one another, Chang will convene a meeting of China's leadership in Beijing when the missile hits. He will then take control of the country and broker a cease-fire with the United Kingdom, securing his position as the new leader of China. Bond and Chinese intelligence agent Wai Lin discover the theft of stealth materials and Chang's role in the scheme. They alert Beijing, and Chang is taken into custody.
The World Is Not Enough Elektra King Sophie Marceau Kill her father to seize his oil business, which she sees as rightfully hers and later monopolise the oil market with the help of Renard's attack. Succeeds in killing her father, but is killed by Bond before Renard's plan can be fulfilled. Shot by Bond.
Renard/Viktor Zokas Robert Carlyle Destroy Istanbul by detonating a nuclear submarine in the Bosphorus, allowing Elektra to monopolise the oil market. Bond prevents him from triggering a meltdown of the reactor core by flooding the submarine and then blowing it up before Renard can fulfill his plan. Impaled by a plutonium rod shot out of the sub's core at high speed by Bond.
Die Another Day Gustav Graves (Colonel Tan-Sun Moon) Toby Stephens (Will Yun Lee) Invade South Korea with the help of "Icarus", an orbital weapons platform that fires a concentrated burst of the sun's energy. Icarus is rendered harmless when Bond destroys the control device. Bond pulls the cord on his parachute, sucking him (and the control device) into a plane engine.
Casino Royale Le Chiffre Mads Mikkelsen Plans to make his clients, a guerrilla group, wealthy by shorting airline stocks and then destroying a prototype jetliner. Later attempts to regain his clients' lost money by playing and winning a Texas Hold 'em tournament. Bond prevents the terrorist plot from being carried out by killing the bomber before he can destroy the jetliner. He then bankrupts Le Chiffre in an attempt to convince him to surrender to MI6 custody. Shot in the head by Mr. White for his failure.
Mr. White Jesper Christensen Regain money lost by Le Chiffre and protect the integrity of his organisation. Succeeds, but is captured by Bond. Shot in the left knee and captured by Bond.
Quantum of Solace Dominic Greene Mathieu Amalric Create a drought by damming aquifers in Bolivia and then staging a coup d'état and selling water supplies back to the new government at grossly inflated prices. Bond intercepts Greene before he can carry out the coup. Bond abandons him in the middle of the Atacama Desert, where he is later found dead (offscreen) with two bullets in the back of his head, presumably as punishment by Quantum.
General Medrano Joaquín Cosío Become president of Bolivia with the support of Dominic Greene and the Quantum organisation. Shot and killed by Camille Montes, thereby preventing Greene from being able to carry out his coup.
Mr. White Jesper Christensen Escape from MI6 custody. Succeeds. Remains at large.
Skyfall Raoul Silva
(born Tiago Rodriguez)
Javier Bardem Humiliate M (Judi Dench) in front of the government by causing a scandal that damages MI6 and forces her resignation, and then kill her as revenge for betraying him when he worked for the Secret Service. Indirectly succeeds: M is mortally wounded when Silva's forces attack her, but Silva himself is killed before she dies. Bond throws a hunting knife into his back.
Spectre Franz Oberhauser, later revealed to be Ernst Stavro Blofeld Christoph Waltz To execute several terrorist attacks around the world to convince the leaders of nine different nations to agree to using Denbigh's "Nine Eyes" intelligence program, through which Denbigh will pass all of the information obtained onto SPECTRE to further their criminal misdeeds. Bond blows up SPECTRE HQ in the Moroccan desert with an explosive Q-Branch watch, then later with the help of M, Q is able to stop the Nine EYes system from going live. Bond shoots down his escape helicopter, which crashes onto Westminister Bridge, and although Bond is tempted to kill him, he instead walks away and leaves Blofeld to be arrested by M.
Max Denbigh Andrew Scott During a struggle in his office with M, Denbigh loses his balance and falls over a ledge, plummeting all the way down the atrium of the new MI6 building.

Non-Eon ProductionsEdit

Film Villain Portrayed by Objective Outcome Fate
Casino Royale — 1954 TV episode Le Chiffre Peter Lorre Escape bankruptcy with baccarat game. Loses to Bond. Shot by Bond.
Casino Royale — 1967 film Dr. Noah/Jimmy Bond Woody Allen Use biological warfare to make all women beautiful, and then wipe out all men bigger than him to make him get the girls. Poisoned by The Detainer with his own atomic pill. Blown up by pill.
Le Chiffre Orson Welles Recover embezzled SMERSH funds in baccarat game. Loses game to Evelyn Tremble. Shot by SMERSH agents.
Never Say Never Again Maximillian Largo Klaus Maria Brandauer Hold world powers to ransom with nuclear weapons. Weapons retrieved by Bond. Shot in the back with harpoon by Domino Petachi.
Ernst Stavro Blofeld Max von Sydow Survives. No contact with Bond.

Video GamesEdit

Game Villain Portrayed by Objective Outcome Fate
James Bond 007: Goldfinger Auric Goldfinger N/A Rob Fort Knox. Bond alerts the authorities. Sucked out of airplane cargo door.
James Bond: Live and Let Die Kananga N/A Produce heroin. Bond destroys his factory. Blown up alongside his factory.
James Bond: The Living Daylights Brad Whitaker N/A Make a profit from the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Bond kills Whitaker's men and then him. Shot dead by Bond.
007: Licence to Kill Franz Sanchez N/A Smuggle cocaine in petrol tankers. Bond destroyed all of the tankers. Bond forced the tanker he was driving off the road, where it exploded into a fireball.
James Bond: The Spy Who Loved Me Karl Stromberg N/A Start a war between Britain, Russia and the United States. Bond destroyed his base, preventing him from carrying out his plan. Shot in the face during a shootout with Bond.
James Bond 007: The Stealth Affair Doctor Why N/A Steal a high tech F-19 stealth plane. Bond retrieved the plane. Bond tied a bomb to his helicopter so that when he dropped it, it came back up and destroyed the helicopter.
James Bond 007: The Duel Professor Gravemar N/A Use a hijacked array of satellites to take over the world. Bond destroyed the center from which the satellites where to be launched. Killed by Bond.
GoldenEye 007 Alec Trevelyan Sean Bean (Likeness) Use Goldeneye to rob and destroy London. Bond destroys Goldeneye's controls. Shot by Bond and falls from radar platform.
007: Tomorrow Never Dies Elliot Carver Johnathan Pryce (Likeness)
Andrew Burt(Voice)
Fire a nuclear missile at Beijing, eliminating the current Chinese government in favour of politicians who will grant him exclusive broadcasting rights in China Bond aborts the missile launch. Fatally shot by Bond.
James Bond 007 General Golgov N/A Use a nuclear holocaust to emerge as the ruler of the world. Bond destroys Golgov's robot with a bazooka. Dies in the explosion.
007: The World Is Not Enough Elektra King Sophie Marceau (Likeness)
Sumalee Montano (Voice)
Kill her father to take over his oil business, and then destroy Istanbul in a nuclear explosion to monopolize the oil market. Succeeds in killing her father; however, Bond escapes captivity at Maiden's Tower and boards the nuclear submarine. Shot and killed by Bond.
Renard Robert Carlyle (Likeness)
David Robb (Voice)
Overload the reactor of a nuclear submarine in order to generate a nuclear explosion, destroying İstanbul and increasing the value of Elektra's oil. Bond stops Renard from blowing up the nuclear submarine Impaled by a plutonium rod shot out of the sub's core at high speed by Bond
007 Racing Dr. Hammond Litte Tim Bentinck Smuggle stolen NATO warheads to terrorist via his automobile line, later commit genocide using a deadly virus. Smuggling operation dissolved by Bond, plane carrying virus destroyed. Presumably killed when Bond blows up his plane.
Agent Under Fire Adrian Malprave Eve Karpf Kidnap, clone and kill the G8 and force the clones to give her control of the world. Bond destroys her cloning lab and kills the clones. Dies when headquarters explodes.
Nightfire Raphael Drake Michael Ensign Destroy NATO forces in a massive air strike from space. Bond disables the missiles' targeting systems, sending them off course. Shot with a laser by Bond.
Everything or Nothing Nikolai Diavolo Willem Dafoe Take over Russia and the world by using a metal eating nanobot army; get revenge on Bond for the death of his mentor Max Zorin. Bond destroys the nanobots. Falls into a missile silo after Bond shoots Diavolo's control tower with a rocket launcher.
GoldenEye: Rogue Agent Auric Goldfinger Gert Fröbe (Likeness)
Enn Reitel (Voice).
Use the OMEN virus to take over the world. Goldeneye uses it against Goldfinger's forces. Destroyed by OMEN virus set off by Goldeneye.
Dr. Julius No Joseph Wiseman (Likeness)
Carlos Alazraqui (Voice).
Electrocuted in his own reactor.
Number 1 Donald Pleasance (Likeness)
Gideon Emery (Voice).
Manipulate Goldeneye into killing off his two liabilites, Dr. No and Goldfinger. Succeeds. Survives, no contact with Goldeneye.
007: From Russia with Love Rosa Klebb (OCTOPUS) Lotte Lenya (Likeness)
Karly Rothenberg (Voice)
Kill Bond and obtain the Lektor. Bond survives and gets the Lektor to MI6. Shot in the chest by Tatiana Romanova.
Red Grant Robert Shaw (Likeness)
Brian McCole (Voice)
Bond shoots him in the chest.
Quantum of Solace Dominic Greene Mathieu Amalric Stage a coup d'état in Bolivia, to gain control of a piece of land rich in resources. Camille Montes kills General Medrano (Greene's associate who will execute the plan), and Bill Tanner, using some hacking, bankrupts Greene, making all of his efforts for naught. Killed in a gunfight by Bond.
GoldenEye 007 (2010 Remake) Alec Trevelyan Elliot Cowan Use Goldeneye to rob and destroy London. Bond destroys Goldeneye's controls. Falls to his death after Bond shoots him.
Blood Stone Stefan Pomerov Laurentio Passa Weaponise an antidote for smallpox and anthrax then release it upon the world. Bond blows up his factory then stops his plane from releasing the toxin. Blown out of his plane after Bond shoots the door open.
Rak James Goode Aid in the kidnaping of scientists and sell their research. Killed by Bond. Shot by Bond, causing him to fire a rocket at the plane he is standing on, causing it to explode with him on it.
Nicole Hunter Joss Stone Organise the kidnapping of scientists. Bond discovers her connection with the kidnapping plot. Shot by an unmanned drone controlled by her 'Boss'.
007: Legends Auric Goldfinger Gert Fröbe (Likeness)
Timothy Watson (Voice)
Irradiate the gold supply of Fort Knox with a bomb. Bomb disabled Blown out of plane window.
Ernst Stavro Blofeld Glenn Wrage Blackmail the UN with the threat of a deadly virus that will wipe out all livestock and cereals. Base destroyed by Bond. Thrown out of cable car by Bond, presumed dead.
Franz Sanchez Robert Davi (Likeness)
Rob David (Voice)
Smuggle drugs. Shipment attacked by Bond. Set on fire by Bond, burned to death.
Gustav Graves Toby Stephens Invade South Korea using the Icarus. Icarus disabled. Sucked into plane engine.
Hugo Drax Michael Lonsdale Kill the entire human race and rebuild in outer space. Space station destroyed by Bond. Blown out of airlock and suffocated.
Patrice Ola Rapace Kill MI6 agents in İstanbul, and assassinate a man in Shanghai. Succeeds, but is killed by Bond. Dropped off of a skyscraper by Bond.

Villainous OrganizationsEdit

SMERSH — ShMiERt SHpionam, "Death to Spies", Bond's original nemesis in the novels, though only briefly mentioned in the films (apparently disbanded 20 years before the events of The Living Daylights). The Soviet agency in charge of assassination, loosely based on the real-life SMERSH.

SPECTRE — Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion, first appeared in the novel Thunderball and replaced SMERSH as Bond's nemesis in the films. An independent terrorist organisation, headed by Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

The Spangled Mob — Bond's enemy in the novel Diamonds Are Forever. They also appear in Goldfinger and The Man with the Golden Gun. An American Mafia family based in Las Vegas.

Drax MetalsHugo Drax's company.

Stromberg Shipping LineKarl Stromberg's organisation.

Entreprises Auric A.G.Auric Goldfinger's organisation.

KGB — Soviet intelligence agency.

Janus SyndicateAlec Trevelyan's vehemently anti-British terrorist organisation in the Bond film GoldenEye.

The Scales of Justice — Movement in John Gardner's The Man from Barbarossa.

Yakuza — Japanese crime gang in the novel The Man with the Red Tattoo.

COLD — The Children of Last Days, terrorist organisation that Bond faces in the novel COLD.

The Union — Villainous organisation in Raymond Benson's novels High Time to Kill, Doubleshot and Never Dream of Dying.

OCTOPUS — Replaces SPECTRE in the video game 007: From Russia with Love for copyright reasons.

BAST — Brotherhood of Anarchy and Secret Terrorism featured in the novel Win, Lose or Die.

Quantum — a shadowy criminal organisation seen in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Strictly apolitical—but with considerable political influence of their own—they deal with anyone whose interests converge with their own. Known members include an extensive network of current and former politicians, business people and intelligence agents. One of their leading members, Dominic Greene, leads a cover organisation called Greene Planet.

SCUM — Stands for "Saboteurs and Criminals United in Mayhem", the main villainous organisation in the James Bond Jr. series.

Cerebrus - A cyberterrorism group which appeared in both of Simon Jowett's comics, A Silent Armadgeddon and Shattered Helix.

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