Benzali AVTAK 1

Daniel Benzali as W.G. Howe

W.G. Howe was a government official working at San Francisco City Hall who unwittingly aided Max Zorin in his plot to destroy Sillicon Valley before he was murdered by Zorin himself.

In the 1985 film A View to a Kill, Howe was portrayed by Brazilian-American actor Daniel Benzali.


W.G. Howe worked at San Francisco City Hall, where he approved Max Zorin's submitted plans. His colleague Stacey Sutton opposed what Zorin was doing and complained to Howe, who fired her as a result.

Later, Stacey and her associate, James Bond, returned to City Hall to check out Zorin's plans. They were caught by Zorin however, who had Bond searched and his Walther PPK lifted. He then marched the two into Howe's office, who wondered what was going on. Zorin forced Howe to call the police to inform them of a break-in before explaining.

Zorin stated that Stacey, angry that Howe had fired her, teamed up with Bond to murder him. They then burned the building down to destroy evidence, but were trapped in the elevator and also died. A confused Ho
Benzali AVTAK 2

Howe, dead in his chair, after being shot by Zorin.

we noted that for the story to make sense, he would have to be dead. Zorin agreed and then shot Howe through the heart with Bond's gun, killing him. The use of Bond's weapon in the crime implicated him, and he was subsequently made a suspect.