Truman-Lodge 1

Anthony Starke as Truman-Lodge

William Truman-Lodge was the accountant of drug kingpin Franz Sanchez and was wanted in the United States for insider-trading on Wall Street. He appeared in the 1989 film Licence to Kill, played by American actor Anthony Starke.


Pam Bouvier states that Truman-Lodge is a "financial whizz-kid" who is a fugitive from the United States because of his involvement in insider-trading on Wall Street. He is very finanically minded and takes care of Sanchez's investments.

During a chase between Sanchez and James Bond, three petrol tankers carrying smuggled cocaine are destroyed. This prompts Truman-Lodge to sarcastically exclaim "Well done Franz! Another $80 million write-off!" Sanchez calmly responds "I guess it's time to start cutting overhead" before spraying Truman-Lodge with his uzi, killing him.

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